Top Stations

Here are some favorites. This list is continually expanding, so check back for updates If you don't listen to them using the Receiver Radio app (the easiest way), you can click on the station name to go directly to the station's website.

Classical (Western) Music

Most countries in the world offer at least one Western Classical music station, and the richest countries offer dozens, so there are hundreds to listen to. If you don't like the format or current program of one, try another.

USA Classical Radio Stations

Every major US city has at least one classical station, perhaps a member of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Most have no ads, or only brief, gentle "sponsor announcements" and occasional requests for contributions. With Internet Radio, you don't have to be in or near that city to enjoy their broadcasts. Some offer apps for easier listening, and most are accessible on the Receiver Radio app. Here are some of the best:

WQXR 105.9 FM - New York

New York City's venerable classical music station offers several streams: the flagship WQXR (Classical): New Sounds (innovative contemporary classical & jazz); New Standards (nostalgia variety: crooners, showtunes & popular); and Operavore (opera arias, duets, scenes, choruses & instrumental pieces).

WCRB 99.5FM - Boston

The classical stream from WGBH.

WSMR 89.1 & 103.9 - Florida

University of South Florida's classical music station.


The home of Western Classical music has lots of fine stations & streams, many without ads.

France Musique - France

Radio France, the French national station, offers several classical streams: Classique Easy, Classique Plus, Opéra, La Baroque — as well as La Jazz, La Contemporaine, Ocora Musiques du Monde, and La B.O. Musique de Films.

Venice Classical Music - Italy

Italy has many classical stations, but Venice Classical is one of my favorites. Klassik - Germany

The Klassik stream is one of 40 RauteMusik streams. More....

Epic Piano - Germany

Eleven piano-only streams from RauteMusik: Solo, Great Concerts, Coverhits, Chillout, Modern, Romantic, Christmas, Chopin, Tschaikovski, Grieg & Liszt. Non-stop, no ads.

classicnl - Netherlands

A favorite, with four streams: Classical, Opera, Soundtracks, and Mind Radio (light classics, easy pop). No ads.

NRK Klassisk - Norway

Norway's public radio & TV broadcaster.

Radio România Muzical - Romania

Romania's classical music station, with a web page in English. Recorded music, concerts & interviews with musicians.

SverigesRadio - Sweden

P2 is the classical stream from Radio Sweden, the national broadcaster.

Borusan Klasik - Turkey

Borusan, a giant Turkish conglomerate, offers an extensive cultural program, a feature of which is this 24/7/365 free classical music station; mostly well-known classical works, without pause or ads.

BBC Radio 3 - United Kingdom

British Broadcasting Corporation's classical music station.


Jazz is broadcast all over the world, sometimes with fine local variations.

Boise State Public Radio Jazz

Cool sounds from Idaho's public radio station.

Radio Swiss Jazz

International performers & tunes, historical & contemporary.

The Jazz Groove

This non-profit music-preservation organization offers several streams: Mix #1 & Mix #2 of laid-back jazz; Dreams, soft jazz to lull you to sleep; Gems, vocal standards; and Smooth Jazz. Free, but a donation gets you more.

Radio Clasic Jazz

Jazz variety from Romania.

Bossa Jazz Brazil

Brazilian & international jazz — one of my favorites.

Arctic Outpost Radio

Talk about an outpost: big band, jazz, swing, blues & vintage country from Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Spitsbergen), Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, by DJ Cal Lockwood.